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VIPER DVH: 45 Degree Variable Helix – Primarily for high-speed machining of aluminum, plastics, and other non-ferrous materials including brass and bronze alloys.

Our Viper DVH series end mills are for both roughing and finishing. 

Since not every company has the RPM or need for high Metal Removal Rates (MRR) the Viper is the first tool of choice for aluminum and non-ferrous materials. 

It can both rough and finish and provides a unique method of chip evacuation due to it's PATENTED double variable helix design. 

The “General Operating Range” is based upon 1X diameter (ADC / DOC) in full diameter (RDC / WOC) SLOTTING. The minimum chip loads remain constant for all applications, however, the maximum chip loads can be increased for side milling applications in finishing, heavy roughing & light roughing.

Viper DVH Speeds & Feeds for "N" Non Ferrous Materials

VIPER SF 2.jpeg
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